Breath in Breath out

What a wondrous thing breathing is. We do it all the time so maybe some of us forget, or take for granted the immense joy breathing is. I have had sleep apnoea since I was a teenager. I’m not sure but it may be genetic. What happens in sleep apnoea is you actually stop breathing […]

Advice to the young me

I am reminded of a beautiful piece written by Jean-Jacques Rousseau. From his book Reveries of a Solitary Walker: … it is a melancholy science which I have acquired in twenty year’s experience, even ignorance is preferable to it. Adversity is, doubtless, a great master, but a master whose lessons are dearly purchased, and sometimes […]

Internal vs External conflict

How do you not let external circumstances effect your inner being? Especially when those you love are suffering? I understand that by feeling their suffering you are adding fuel to the fire. You are feeding their own suffering. There is a part in the Mahabharata where Arjuna is about to launch a war that will […]

The Dark Night of the Soul

At the risk of confirming and deepening my current situation I offer this as a chronicle more than anything, of my journey. Wow! After spending most of my youth living what I thought was a spiritual life: pure wholesome food, celibacy (which almost drove me insane), meditation, yoga, practicing compassion and unconditional love I thought […]

The Law of Attraction

I have recently re-discovered the Law of Attraction as discussed in the book The Secret. I have mixed feeling talking about this in public. I take great pride in being a somewhat well-educated, intelligent person – trained in science and rationality and being self-aware. I don’t like to be fooled. Yet there are lots of […]