The Law of Attraction

I have recently re-discovered the Law of Attraction as discussed in the book The Secret. I have mixed feeling talking about this in public. I take great pride in being a somewhat well-educated, intelligent person – trained in science and rationality and being self-aware. I don’t like to be fooled. Yet there are lots of […]

A funny, but cruel Halloween prank

Halloween is not really a “thing’ in Australia. Most of what we know of Halloween comes through watching a lot of American TV and movies. We know, correctly or otherwise, that its a time for the darker and more mystical side of life. So one day my friends and I sat down and planned an […]

Christmas 2018

I am lucky enough to have always had someone in my life who knows exactly the kind of material things that make me happy. This year was no exception. I received an awesome gift pack from The Holistic Sage, containing all the kind of stuff that support and enhance my journey I have a heightened […]