The Law of Attraction – Results

Well, it’s been a few months now since I re-discovered the Law of Attraction and started applying it. And I have learned a lot, but my circumstances have not changed, and maybe even seem to be worse. I have been using affirmations. I have written down my goals and dreams. I have listed the things […]

A Primal meditation experience

The easiest way in which I can meditate or go on a journey is through sound, or more specifically certain types of atmospheric music, something with a repeated and/or subtle rhythmic pattern. One of my favourite pastimes was to listen to indigenous music, i.e. traditional music of indigenous people recorded by anthropologists in the field […]

A spiritual teacher from across the world

I have been fortunate enough to meet many spiritual teachers from different traditions. One which had a particularly profound effect on me was a First Nations shaman. Being from the other side of the world I knew nothing about First Nations people other than what I ‘learnt’ through Hollywood… The sanitised, somewhat Disney like Dances […]

Encounter with Death

I have been profoundly aware of death, perhaps the greatest of all journeys, ever since I can remember. Indeed my entry into this world was precipitated by the death, to the day, of my Great Grandfather, after whom I am named. I remember crying over a flyspray commercial when the fly finally died and was […]