I had a strange vivid dream

I had such a weird dream the other night. It felt significant but I don’t know why. It was very vivid.

In the dream my partner and I were walking somewhere. We walked past a large church and I suggested we pop in. The church looked like one of those onion-domed Russian churches but it was golden, and the sky was golden like at sunset.

There were steep stairs leading to the church door. And there was what looked like a Russian Orthodox priests also dressed in golden robes waiting at the entrance. The priests looked very friendly and they were young adults.

Inside, the church was sparse. The floor was made of wood, light pine I think. Polished. The strange thing is that the floor was sloping very steeply. At the head of the church was a simple altar and the floor sloped up towards the altar.

Me and my partner started to move towards the altar but the floor was so steep we had to crawl on our hands and knees. It was very slippery as the floor was highly polished so we struggled. My partner reached the altar but as I am considerably heavier than her I kept slipping down. Even though it was a struggle it never felt, at any stage, that it was a chore, or troublesome. I never felt anxious that I was slipping. It kind of felt fun, and light. Eventually I got to the top of the church and the altar.

The priests and my partner were waiting for me and seemed happy that I made it.

If you have any insight regarding the meaning of this dream, or how I might interpret it I welcome your comments


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