Breath in Breath out

The Holistic Sage

What a wondrous thing breathing is. We do it all the time so maybe some of us forget, or take for granted the immense joy breathing is. I have had sleep apnoea since I was a teenager. I’m not sure but it may be genetic. What happens in sleep apnoea is you actually stop breathing during sleep. I never knew I had it until my wife used to nudge me awake in the middle of the night. I would just grumble roll over and go back to sleep, thinking she was waking me up to stop me from snoring. One night I angrily told her to stop waking me up. I didn’t realise she was waking me up to see if I was still alive because I had stopped breathing is.

Living in the mountains each breath is invigorating and fresh. It feels like the air is cleaning out my insides, clearing out my lungs and taking away negative, bad energy and bringing in vitality and life. When my time in this physical existence is over I think I am really going to miss how pleasurable taking a deep breath is.

Another amazing thing about the air we breath is that it is the same oxygen that has been on earth for billions of years. So with every breath we are taking in the most ancient things. Its the same air that dinosaurs breathed, the same air that all those historical figures breathed. It is also that unites me and you, and every other living breathing being on this planet. When I think about it that is such an awesome fact. In a very tangible and real way we are all connected.

Yawning is such a satisfying ting to do. Its like scratching an itch. Or having a good stretch after sitting for a long time, or waking up in the morning.

Although not an infinite supply, there is plenty of air for everyone, for all living beings.

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