The gates of Hell or Heaven – A new perspective

It has been a very challenging time since I last posted a blog. Before I get into it I want to start by saying with new understanding about the nature of the way of the Cosmos this will be the last blog where I right about all the challenges I encounter. With a fresh mindset I now understand how what you attract what focus o where you put your attention. As humans great magic lies with our written and spoken words. But I feel I need to write this blog as a final exposition, a last essay of the old way.

It feels like I have been brought to the gates of hell these past few months. Everything I love and hold dear to me has been threatened to be lost. For the past 8 weeks my family and I have had to endure threats from the bushfires in Australia. These have been, and continue to be, the largest most destructive bushfires in recorded history. Australia is mostly desert with forests along the eastern coast. Most of the forests have been destroyed. Not permanently because Australian trees have evolved to withstand and even thrive in fire. However, they have not evolved to withstand this kind of ferocity. There are areas were the fires were so intense that it has hardened the ground like a terracotta pot so now we are finally getting rain the water is not getting into the soil because of this hardened, baked layer. Well over half a billion animals have died in the fires and the count keeps rising. Several dozen human lives, 2000 homes destroyed.

Koala screaming in pain trying to escape the fires
Koala rescued from the fire desperate for some water being helped out by one of many hundreds of Aussie firefighting heroes
Desperately trying to escape

Our house survived but it was very scary for a period of 4 or 5 weeks. First we had a fire threatening from the west then a few weeks later a huge fire from the north, then a few weeks later from the south. For about 2 weeks there was a real chance that any, even all of those fires would burn right through my little village. We evacuated several times taking our expensive computers, some clothes and our 2 cats and 2 dogs, We stayed at my Mums who lives in a tiny 2 bedroom flat and is ageing and getting frail. This added to the stress incredibly. We ate a lot of McDonald’s and other takeaway during this period which impacted on our health and fitness but it was too difficult to deal with the cats and dogs, my mum, the stress of the fires and whether insurance would pay if our house got damaged and then having to deal with taking leave from work. This put a strain on everything, finances, relationships, health, work,.. I think the only way i got through it was by remembering God, or The Great Spirit, or whatever you want to call it… it is all the same just a different name.

Bushfire to the north
View near my house
Grateful to be rescued
Also grateful to be rescued
Hurrah for rain….

At first it seemed that the Law of Attraction was not only not working but making things worse. It re-awakened in me the belief in the possibility I can have the life I’ve always wanted. That gave me hope. That hope lead to expectation. But when nothing was changing, in fact getting worse that lead to depths of depression I’ve not felt before. Depression combined with intense anxiety. I know the Law works but I was at a loss at how to apply it. How do i feel happy and joyous at the gates of hell?

I understood that the gates of Hell lead to the gates of Heaven. When faced with Hell we have a better appreciation for Heaven, a clearer picture of Heaven. But to get from Hell to Heaven can best be done incrementally. As much as I want to jump out of the pit of despair and misery and darkness into joy and freedom and ecstasy I can’t do it in one leap. By finding things to appreciate at the gated of Hell I have been able to slowly move towards heaven. One way I’ve done this is by making peace and accepting my current circumstances as something that has been created from the past. And no matter what the circumstances God’s Love is always unconditional and all encompassing. God is waiting for me, waiting to open the door to my best life, if I only walk towards Him. Not out of feelings of obligation – I have to do it because my religion tells me to – or fear – I better do it so God doesn’t punish me – or even to get on God’s good side, but because I want to live in God’s Light and Love. Despite what riches I will attract, what sights I will behold, what pleasures I will experience I know deeply that nothing will feel worthwhile without God’s Love and Light, without living in God. I know the life that I have waiting for me. That life will not make me happy, it will not bring me joy unless I am already living in happiness and joy. But that life will be fun and adventurous and exciting and will express God’s greatness.

So from now on, come what may, I make a commitment to always walk towards the life that is waiting for me. I might get side-tracked – for a while – I might lose sight of the path but as long as I remember God’s Love and let it flow in me and through me I will find my way, or more accurately God will show me the way. Just one step at a time. One foot in front of the other.

Bless you all who are reading this. And bless all beings who are not reading this. We are all from the same Source experiencing individual lives for the fun of it. Like crests of waves on an infinite ocean.

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