The Law of Attraction – Results

Well, it’s been a few months now since I re-discovered the Law of Attraction and started applying it. And I have learned a lot, but my circumstances have not changed, and maybe even seem to be worse.

I have been using affirmations. I have written down my goals and dreams. I have listed the things I am grateful for. But my material circumstances have not really changed. Well, that’s not exactly true. My health has improved immensely, and continues to do so. What has changed is that I’ve attracted a lot of new ideas and teachers, and have gained a lot of insight.

In applying these principles I have uncovered the amazingly deep despair I was in. Prior to this I had basically given up on life. At 52 I was ready for death. I was subtly telling my loved ones how to access my Super once I was gone. Whether I was too subtle or they didn’t acknowledge my feelings that I was on a death spiral I don’t know. I do know that I felt as though the next thing in my life was death and not too far away. I was scared, more for the people I was leaving behind than anything. But a part of me also realised that with my Super money a lot of debts could be paid off and my loved ones would have a chance to rebuild their life, something I couldn’t offer while alive. As I write this I still feel that a little bit.

However, after reading about the Law of Attraction I started to believe I could have the kind of life I always wanted, and be able to provide for and bring some light into my loved ones lives. The Law made me realise that my mindset and attitude, which I have carried with me for so long has a great part, perhaps the greatest part to play in my current circumstances. And this mindset is deep. It is easy to ask for what you want. Not so easy to figure out exactly what you want. For example, its easy to say i want a million dollars. But why? I want to be a nice car, for example. Why? So people can look at me with admiration. Well, in that case its admiration you want not necessarily the car. Why do you want admiration? So people know I am someone worthwhile? Why do you want others to feel you are worthwhile? Don’t you already feel worthwhile? Or you might say I want that fancy car so I can drive fast. Why do you want to drive fast? So i can feel the adrenaline? Why do you want to feel adrenaline? So I can feel more alive. So what you want is to feel more alive.

The ting with the Law is to know exactly what you want. Know deeply what you want. Then ask. Then Believe. Believe what? Believe that as soon as you ask you receive. Well, that is a bit of a stretch. How can you believe that when you have nothing to show for it. The thing I have understood is that the thing has to be created energetically first. As soon as you ask for that $1Million you have it. The Universe, or the Great Spirit, or God have given it to you. It may not have manifested into physical reality yet but its there. Well, you might rightly think I can do bugger all with an imaginary $1Million. I struggle with this too. What good is it if my dreams are realised energetically? I can’t live in the house I want. I can’t go on the holidays and have the freedom I want! This is where I have been stuck for a while. The key word being STUCK.

I have recently come across a lot of teachers talking about energy, and vibrations. The premise goes something like this. The Universe is essentially energy. Yes OK. All matter is essentially energy. Yep. We are therefore energy and our world is energy. Yes. Energy on a particular vibrational level attracts similar energy. Is this Resonance? OK. So to attract something into our lives we need to attain a similar vibrational level. OK this is where I start to get lost. What does all this really mean? How do I vibrate at a specific frequency? All of this does not make sense … from a materialistic, scientific, reductionist mindset – which is basically the modern Western mind. But from a spiritual mindset it is all consistent, across many different spiritual traditions.

Let’s start with the Abrahamic traditions – Judaism, Christianity, Islam – The Bible starts with something like God said ‘Let there be light, and there was light’ So all of creation begins through the will of God. God said something, God commanded something, and it was so. Similar stories are found in ancient Egypt, the Rig Veda of Hindus, ancient Sumer and also many indigenous cultures. So let’s for a moment suspend our modern way of looking at this and accept that such diverse traditions telling a similar story might indicate some kind of Truth. So as God is the Great Cosmic Spirit, or the Universe, or whatever label you want to put on it then these stories talk about energy, the Word, manifesting something physical, the World, People… everything in physical existence. And we are made in the image of God! Well then … if we are made in the image of God, and God created the Universe through His Word then we too can create a universe through our words.. and by extrapolation our thoughts, our beliefs, our expectations. And we do!

At a superficial level if you think happy thoughts you feel happy. When you are happy you look at the world differently to when you feel depressed, or angry. So, at least internally, we do create our world, or our experience of the world through our thinking. And when you are happy and loving and are projecting that people are more likely to like you, to want to be around you so more likely to get that job, or that promotion, more likely to have that person want to go out with you. There is something else at a slightly deeper level.

To manifest our dreams and desires we must raise our vibrational energy to that of what we have asked for. That means if you want $1Million in the bank feel like someone who has $1Million in the bank. What would you do with that money? What kind of lifestyle would that give you? How would you feel? By doing this you are energetically, or psychically resonating at that level so that you more easily manifest your dreams. Imagine how difficult it would be if you, in your current state, your current mindset, where to all of a sudden get your dream. You probably wouldn’t know to do, how to react. If I got the house I dream of tomorrow I’d honestly be lost. I wouldn’t have the energy to maintain it, I wouldn’t even have the energy to utilise it fully. I have to imagine what its like to own that house. How I would have dinner parties. How I would do the daily chores around the house. How I would fit into the local community.

The other principle I am struggling with is not being concerned with how your dream will come about. That is a big one. I think how can I ever afford such a house? How can I make more money to buy it? Do I have to start a business? My current work doesn’t pay me nearly enough? My current skills aren’t enough to bring in that level of money. Even if I sell my current house there is no way that will pay for my dream house. The point is don’t be concerned with how its going to happen. Just know it has already been given to you. A way will be made clear. As long as you keep focused on your dream and don’t worry about ‘the how’. For one thing worry and stress will block any inspiration from coming through. And secondly its about trust.

Once again the Bible says:

Truly I tell you,” Jesus replied, “if you have faith and do not doubt, not only will you do what was done to the fig tree, but even if you say to this mountain, ‘Be lifted up and thrown into the sea,’ it will happen. If you believe, you will receive whatever you ask in prayer.” 

By trying to figure out how to make your dreams come true you are showing a lack or faith, you are showing doubt that it is coming to you. This lack of belief prevents your dream from manifesting. This is a challenge because we rationally ‘know’ that you can’t just ask and something miraculously happens. But that is the heart of the problem. We have limited understanding of ourselves and of all the possibilities that our dreams can come true. So we might not be able to figure out a realistic way of making our dreams come true so we get disheartened and give up on our dreams, or say it will never happen to me or just get depressed, as I have done for so, so long. This stuff doesn’t work! But … I can’t really say that because I haven’t done this as I was supposed to. I have been thinking, over thinking all of this.

Part of the way being revealed to you to bring your dreams into physical existence includes your current situation. No matter what you maybe experiencing this is all part of the way being shown to you, being unravelled for you to get your dreams. Your job is to not be concerned with how your dreams will come true because it is probably not a way you ever thought or can think and it might not even come to you in a way you like. But everything you are experiencing is on your way to your dream. By fighting your current situation, or by getting upset by it you are resisting your path to your dreams. Only by accepting and making peace with your life, the people around you especially those that have hurt you, by accepting your current situation you can allow the journey to continue. By fighting your life circumstances, as I have, you will constantly block all the good coming to you, which will make you lose hope, lose your way. By accepting it, be making peace with yourself, and your life it doesn’t negate you receiving your dreams.

More to come….

But I’d love to hear of your experiences. Comment below or email me.

Love from the depths of my Heart

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